STS9ファンへのメッセージ from David Murphy & STS9
私達夫婦が大好きな STS9 の HP に、

ベーシストの David Murphy から ショッキングなメッセージが寄せられています。

STS9 HP ⇒⇒⇒

It’s with heavy hearts and eternal optimism for the future that we announce the cancellation of STS9′s Winter Tour 2011 dates in February 2011 and March 2011 while our brother, friend and bass player David Murphy will begin undergoing timely and necessary cancer treatment following STS9′s Mayan Holidaze performances this weekend. Below you will find a note from David himself he wanted you all to read…

Greetings Family,Friends and Fans,

I’m writing to share with y’all some news I’ve received recently. I have just been diagnosed with a cancerous tumor primarily in my sinus cavity (a type of internal skin cancer). It will require extensive surgery followed by a few months long recovery periods. There will be some treatment for the cancer following also but at this time we aren’t fully aware of what that will entail and at this time we are just focusing on the task at hand which is the surgery.

With this news comes a bit of bad news for our upcoming shows. We will have to cancel all of our upcoming shows in Feb and March in order to fully get after taking care of this little health issue to the fullest, and we will do just that. There is nothing more in the world I love then playing music and sharing it with all of you and we will continue to do it for a long time together and all I ask for is y’all’s thoughts and prayers during this time of recovery!

We will still be performing in Mexico this weekend before my upcoming surgery, so for y’all down there….

Let’s do this…. Boom!

We’ll send appropriate updates as we get them through out the process.

- Murph



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